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Chastity Device Men

There are some chastity device men out there that love the aspect of being a slave to someone else. These are the same guys that usually have a high stress type of job and just need to have something that they can do to get rid of the stress that is building up inside of them on a daily basis. These guys need a kind of release that doing things like playing golf just isn’t going to give them. They need someone else to take control of their every decision even if it is only for a few hours each week.

If you are interested in becoming one of these chastity device men, then you need to go to and see what kind of devices they have to offer you. If you have never worn anything like this before, then you will want to go with a beginner’s device until you know what it is like to wear something of this nature. Once you get used to wearing it on a regular basis, you can always move up to a more advanced version. The whole idea is to take that one bit of control away from yourself and hand it to someone else so that you can leave all that stress behind you. Being like chastity device men is something that all guys can try at least once in their lives to see if they enjoy it. If you don’t, then you can always stop using it and keep your stress filled life.


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Male chastity men ball crusher by

Male chastity men ball crusher by




Chastity device men and what we are into!

Chastity Device Men

Most chastity device men are looking for something that can help keep their sexual urges under control. The need to lock your penis up so that it can’t become erect anymore has been around for a very long time, but it’s only been in the last few years that this has become one of the most anticipated fetishes on the planet. Just think about how many guys out there are wearing chastity devices and living their lives in the happiest ways possible. Granted, this might not be for all men, but the ones that enjoy it are really into it.

The typical chastity device men you’ll find are usually professionals of some sort for the most part. They know what it takes to run a company successfully and have been doing it for years all the while wearing their male chastity devices. Now that doesn’t mean that every man involved in this lifestyle is a professional business owner or anything. There are plenty of average Joe’s that are wearing these devices and finding that they are extremely comfortable when you get used to the way they fit. It just goes to show you that any guy can wear a chastity device and still live happily.

Your decision to be like other chastity device men shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is a commitment that you are going to have to follow through in order to get all the benefits of wearing a device like this. Of course, if you put that much commitment into wearing a chastity device, you will wonder why you haven’t been wearing one before. These types of devices will give you a great sense of what your life can be like if you were just able to put that erection back in its place and focus on the things that are really important to you.


Chastity device men micro penis style by

Chastity device men micro penis style by

Chastity device men

Chastity Device Men Are Everywhere

It might surprise you to know that there are literally thousands of chastity device men out there that hold high level jobs and positions in government these days. What used to be a fetish that kept itself pretty much underground has turned into one of the most recognized forms of self-control on the planet. Now, granted, not too many guys are going to freely admit that they are wearing a device like this under their clothing, but you can almost look at a guy and tell they are wearing something down there.


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Male chastity

One of the places that most chastity device men go to find their chosen toys is There are plenty of other sites online that guys will go to from time to time in order to find items that may be cheaper, but they are always paying for what they get, and the cheaper the price the cheaper the quality of the materials can be. Just think about the last time you bought something online that was a lot cheaper than you had originally found. You regret going that route now, don’t you? Well, it’s the same way with chastity items.

If you want to purchase your chastity device men items somewhere else, you have the right to do that, but you aren’t going to be satisfied until you pick out your very own designer item from You know you want the best items possible, especially when it comes to things like wearing a chastity device, but you don’t want to have to spend all the money you have in your savings account to do it. Well, the items at are high quality materials and design and extremely reasonable considering what you can do with them.

Any guy out there that has never heard of chastity device men and the items they like to wear should take a few minutes to search through and see them in action. You might be surprised at how roomy and comfortable these devices can actually be. Of course, if yours end up with a little too much room, then you had probably better get a smaller size and stop thinking about yourself as being the king of the jungle down below. Too much room defeats the purpose of these items and can cause you some problems when you get stuck in between the sides.

Wearing chastity device men items will keep you in touch with your true nature as well. If you are one of those guys that get an erection every time they walk down the street, then you are going to know about it almost immediately. There are few times during the day that you won’t be surprised to find that you are getting an erection, and the items from will tell you that you are getting one before your brain acknowledges the blood flow to that special part of your body. The pressure that you get in the crotch are will alert you to the possibility that you are about to get hurt.

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If you don’t pay any attention to what that chastity device men item is telling you, then the pressure is going to end up being a bit of pain as your cock is stopped from going any further than the cage will allow. Think how it would feel to push your head through a chain link fence. That is what your cock is going to go through as it tries its hardest to push its head through that very small opening in your device.

You can try to ignore it, and a lot of chastity device men do just that; but you are going to have to adjust yourself and think about something else just to get the pressure to go away eventually. This is not something that you can just put in the back of your mind and hope it goes away. You will need to get up and take action to make your erection dissipate or you could end up in a world of pain that you never knew existed before. Of course, this is the exact reason that some guys like to wear these devices; so to each their own.

Some chastity device men are forced to wear these devices because their Master or Mistress decides they need to have them on. Now, there are a lot of submissives that are also hold positions high up in the government and corporate life, and they all like to give up that control from time to time for sexual gratification. There is nothing wrong with that and everyone should be able to live the life they want to when they are in their own bedrooms. Wearing a chastity device might be just what you need to relax after a hard day at work.

What you need to do, if you have never been one of those chastity device men, is find a device on that doesn’t look too complicated for you to get in and out of in a fairly short amount of time. If you can find something that you can put on and take off in a few seconds without any hassles being involved, then that is the exact one you should purchase. Once you get it on the first time, you will understand why this is so important for beginners in chastity.

You see, there are plenty of chastity device men in the world that have decided to purchase something overly complicated and covered in accessories that they really don’t know how to use. Once they get these items home and try them on for the first time, they find that it becomes a bit of a hassle to get them off when the pain kicks in. The ones that are overly complicated are also the ones that cause the most amount of pain for the person wearing them. They are specifically designed that way as a form of punishment for submissives to play with.

If your chastity device men item becomes uncomfortable to the point that things are getting caught and pulled in ways they should never be, then you are going to want to be able to take it off quickly. If you can’t get it off without causing even more pain, then you will probably decide that this is not something you wish to pursue ever again. There is nothing wrong with that, but you have just spent good money on something you were not ready to wear, and you probably won’t want to purchase another one so that you can get up to that level.

Being chastity device men means that you have to take into account that there are various levels involved in the experience. If you aren’t ready to wear something that seems to be a bit complicated, then you will need to find something simple instead. has plenty of options and you can choose to delve into this any way you want to. But coming from the side of experience, you should probably start off with something pretty basic and wear it for a few weeks before you decide if you want to move further up the ladder and try something else.

There is no reason to feel like you should purchase the most expensive and monstrous item on, either. You can get your chastity device men items at a reasonable price and stick within your budget all you want. You don’t have to go out there and try to impress anyone, unless your Mistress or Master is telling you what you need to purchase. If that is the case, then you should probably stick with what they are telling you are the punishment might be worse than wearing the wrong device for your level of expertise.

Once you have gotten used to wearing your chastity device men items, then you can move on and find other items that will have things added to them, like ball and cock rings that help regulate the amount of blood flow your cock receives. Things like this can usually be added on to most devices on and some even have them added on as part of the original design. With so many options available, it might be a bit difficult for the first time wearer to figure out exactly what it is he should try first.

The most important thing for chastity device men to remember is that you should feel comfortable in whatever design you decide to purchase. If you feel that you are being pressured into wearing something you may not like, then you should take a step back and refocus on what is important to you. There is no reason whatsoever to go out of your way to feel like you should be wearing something you don’t think you are ready for. Take it for what it is; if it looks like something you would be comfortable in, then that is the one you should be wearing.

The simple truth about chastity device men is that they are a group of men that know what they like and that is it. They don’t hide behind false bravado to please other people around them. If they like something, then they are going to purchase it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a new chastity device; whatever they want is going to be theirs at some time in the near future. The reason for this is that these devices have the uncanny ability of giving you a boost in self-confidence that other items lack.

When you purchase your first chastity device men items from you will find that wearing it will make you self-conscious of how many times a day you get an erection. When you start to understand the reasons behind these erections, you are better able to control when they happen. By taking that moment of your life into your hands and controlling it, you are able to focus on the task at hand and get more things done in your life. This will eventually equal less stress and the ability to move forward in both your life and your career.

Now, this control may not happen overnight with all chastity device men out there, but it will happen sooner or later. When it does, you are going to realize that you can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to and that should make your life much happier to live. If you want to get a big promotion but you have been worried that it would never happen, try wearing a chastity device for a while and see how you feel about it after that. You will probably end up with that promotion and all the benefits it entails.

The chastity device men you see in high rise offices are the same guys that started out in the mail room all those years ago. The only real difference between then and now is that they have a deeper connection within themselves that has brought on a better understanding of how they should react with the people around them. This will give them more self-confidence in their lives and allow them to shoot for the stars. If wearing chastity devices will help you in that department, then there is nothing keeping you in that cubicle anymore.

You could be just like all those other chastity device men out there and have a life worth living if you are able to let yourself be happy. Go to and find a device that will allow you to take your mind off the things that trouble you day in and day out. You could end up running the company you are currently working for in just a matter of a few years. You can’t already guess that your boss is wearing a chastity device, unless he gets a lot of mid-day visits from his secretary and she, or he, is never carrying a note pad.

No matter what you do in life, being one of the chastity device men will bring you even more happiness than you could ever imagine. Now, there are some guys that use them as a form of punishment, but that is making them happy as well, so the statement is still true. You can do anything you want in your life if you are willing to give into the fact that you need something to lock your cock up in every once in a while. When you take your beastly manners out of the equation, then everything is possible.

Wearing your chastity device men items all day will give you the focus you need to make snap decisions that could change your life forever. But what do you do when you have everything you want and you are still wearing your device? Well, the simple thing is to take it off and go enjoy yourself for a few hours. Whether you are all alone in the bathroom or with your partner on a romantic resort, you have given yourself the chance to become as successful as you have ever wanted to be, and now is the time to celebrate.

Once you get used to being like other chastity device men, you will want to take it off from time to time to have some real fun. There is nothing wrong with this idea and it should be something that you think about on a regular basis. There are times when you are going to be wearing this device for weeks at a time, and then you are going to want to have some freedom. When you do get your chance to be free from your device you should take advantage of it in the best possible ways you can.

If you leave your chastity device men items on for too long, you might find that you need a bit of help getting an erection. This has been a common side effect of these devices since they first made their appearance for men. The truth is, wearing something that suppresses your urges like this will tend to do just that to the point where you might not be able to get an erection again. Of course, it will require you to wear it for months at a time without ever taking it off. This is not something that is suggested to be done, though.

Most chastity device men in the world will tell you that a couple of weeks is probably long enough for your body to adjust itself to what you want from it. There is no reason to go overboard on wearing these devices from Besides, they might not feel too great after that long of usage. You have to understand that you are going to need to clean these devices at some point, and it’s hard to do that if you are constantly wearing them. Make sure you take some breaks in there at some point in time.

There are a lot of chastity device men that will tell you to wear them a couple of days and then change them out with another one so that you can clean the one you have been wearing. This is probably one of the smartest pieces of advice anyone can give to you. First time owners of chastity devices will figure they can wear them all day long, every day, for months at a time and it won’t affect them in the least. Try doing that with one that has a lot of leather during the summer and find out what happens.

Even though the chastity device men materials are of the highest quality, they do not handle the heat and sweat that can come from prolonged usage. Not only is this a good way of ruining your device, but you are going to find that rashes and other nasty effects can pop up as well. Any guy that has had a leather wallet and worked out in the sun, sweating, will tell you that, after a while, you want to throw that wallet out because it starts to smell pretty bad.

Cleaning your chastity device men item is something that you should take great care in doing. Most of the time you will want to do it by hand since they are fairly difficult to clean in the washer without doing some kind of damage. You have to understand that putting items in a washer that has metal fittings and bars in them will harm not only the device itself, but the washer as well. The good news is it only takes a few minutes at your bathroom sink to clean them properly by hand, and you can usually put it right back on if you want to.

One of the most important aspects of being like other chastity device men in high places is to not let anyone else know that you are wearing them at work. How many times have you stared at your boss’s crotch and thought it looked a bit misshapen? You haven’t, have you? That’s because they know the proper way of wearing these devices and they won’t show them off to other people if they can help it. If you do happen to notice it, they know you won’t be saying anything about it to anyone.

You need to practice wearing your chastity device men items around the house so that you can be as comfortable in them as you are out of them. Once you learn that little trick, then the sky is the limit and there is no stopping you from getting everything you have ever wanted in your life. You can have the fancy house, great job, loads of money, and purchase even more devices if that is something you want to do. All you have to do is give into your needs and stop those urges from ruining your life any more than they already have. Go to and come one step closer to being like those other chastity device men that you have always wished you could be like.

Chastity Device Men

Chastity Device Men

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